T2 assignment: Jon Bon Jovi portrait at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, TN. Photo Credit: Shahar Azran PHOTOGRAPHY PERMISSION FORM The Outside Organisation on behalf of Jon Bon Jovi hereby grants permission to _______Shahar Azran_____________ to take photographs (herein called the “Photographs”) of Jon Bon Jovi, solely and specifically for use only by _________The Times (T2) _______________ at Jon Bon Jovi editorial photo session taking place on ________November 7th__________ at ________The Hermitage Hotel__________________ This permission only permits the Photographs to be used in the above specified magazine or newspaper for a one-time only use by such magazine or newspaper, and accordingly, no other use, reproduction, dissemination, publication or distribution of the Photographs of any kind (and all renewal and extensions thereof) in the Photographs are from the inception of their creation and forever thereafter owned solely by Jon Bon Jovi (and their designees). In the event that the undersigned photographer, the aforesaid newspaper or magazine or any other persons or entities wish to make any use of the Photographs other than as hereinabove expressly permitted, the prior written consent of Outside Organisation/Jon Bon Jovi shall be required (which Outside Organisation / Jon Bon Jovi may withhold or grant in Outside Organisation/Jon Bon Jovi’s absolute discretion), failing which consent, any such use, reproduction, dissemination, publication, or distribution shall constitute wilful copyright infringement and subject the photographer, the newspaper or magazine, the user and all others concerned to civil and criminal liability as wilful copyright infringers. The worldwide copyright in the aforesaid editorial photo session (and all elements thereof) together with all rights of reproduction, distribution, publication, and dissemination by any and all means and methods are exclusively owned and controlled by Outside Organisation (and their designees) ACCEPTED AND AGREED IN ALL RESPECTS ____________________________ PHOTOGRAPHER - Shahar Azran Photography
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